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I started my writing career in Mission Viejo, California. I attended four years of college emeritus classes and met with classmates in several critique groups. Eventually, I found the confidence to finish my first novel and self-publish. It is a mystery/love story located in Colorado in a small alpine town. Being a relative of a murder victim, I had no closure for the unsolved murder of my relative.  Writing my novel seemed to help.  After moving to Arizona, I submitted my novel, "Vein of Justice" for the 2015 Arizona Professional Writer's Contest for first time novel writers. I was awarded a Honorable Mention. This award increased my confidence. I started my second novel. Readers of my first novel advised me that they felt a connection to one of the characters in my novel, Maggie Hernandez. When my second novel, "Maggie of the Ute Tribe" was finished I submitted it to a traditional publisher. They liked the story and placed my novel under contract. I was very honored by being under contract for publication as the hope of my novel being in bookstores was exciting. I had to wait while other novels ahead of mine were published, then began to work with expert editing by the publishing staff. This website advise when my new novel is available on Amazon for purchase. I hope as you read it you enjoy the action and twisting mystery.

Forest Scene

Maggie of the ute tribe

My story enters the life of an American Native woman who, from a young age, dreamed of becoming a Colorado Deputy. Her childhood was rough as she was of a Ute tribe being raised by an Apache tribe family. Older stepbrothers made her life miserable. Her mother was a gentle person that protected her as best she could. Maggie had a keen ability for detective work and agreed to help her friends solve two strange deaths in Blue Spruce Lake, Colorado. The pressure to solve the murder of a young botanist working on her PHD at Arizona State University was based on this student's possible discovery of a world shaking cure for a disease affecting humanity since the beginning of time. Maggie stumbles over a child that turns her life upside down. Who could believe the powers possessed by a five-year-old Apache girl could change every life she touched. A complicated multiple murder case and missing information built a complex web that has to be unraveled by the investigators who risk their lives to solve the case. Ghost Geyser Hot Springs seems to spread a mist of misinformation that our heroes have to peer through.   


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