How much would you risk finding justice for a loved one? The bizarre death offered no clues as to who or why. Authorities soon let the case languish as unsolved. Lynn Mason's emotional balance teeters on the edge as she searches for motive, means, and opportunity among residents in the mountain town. 

A year before the tragic murder, Lynn and husband Don, moved to Elk Hills. They built a unique restaurant on the shores of Mineral Lake. Their high hopes for their first full season of business crashed the moment murder rocked their lives.  Lynn's plea for help from her husband went unanswered and she runs for her life and into the arms of the only man willing to stake his life and career to hunt for the killer. Together they will embark on a breathtaking chase where greed and gold fever raises danger and explosive passion is waiting. (State of Arizona Professional Writers Honorable Mention award winning novel 2015.) 

    We have murder and kidnapping. We have adultery and an Ute Indian deputy sheriff with enough wisdom for a far older woman. We have dope dealing, shooting, and damaged hearts. The plot keeps us turning the pages wondering what will happen next. But we have a genuine interest in Lynn. We want her to navigate the treacherous waters of her unwanted and unexpected adventure. And author Langdale does not make it easy for us. We don't find out until the very end which path Lynn's heart will take. 

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"VEIN OF JUSTICE" - Award Winning - Murder Mystery Novel  by Sharon Langdale

Four Star - Review by Andy McKinney, Payson Roundup Newspaper book Reviewer.

    Rim Country author Sharon Langdale penned a twisty mystery for us with a decidedly romantic twist. She sets her tale in the little Colorado town of Elk Hills, a beautiful little place snugged in tight well up in the Rockies. Elk Hills once formed the hub of a frantic gold mining area but the rush passed them by a hundred years ago. Still some people have hopes. Gold fever never dies out entirely. 

    Lynn Mason and her husband Don make a tenuous living with a small restaurant and a lumberyard near by Mineral Lake, a classic alpine lake reflecting the peaks all about. The endless succession of 18 hour days take their toll on the couples energy, patience, and hope. Too tired to be in love, the couple grows distant. 

    The murder in their quiet town, a place where everyone knows everyone else, has the town upset. Who could have done such a terrible thing? The victim did own several mining claims, but no gold had ever been found on them. 

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