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Sharon Langdale

Books by Sharon Langdale

Welcome to the official website of the widely acclaimed and award winning Mystery Novelist, Sharon Langdale.
Browse through her collection of books and get lost in the world of mystery and intrigue.


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Book One in Series


How much would you risk to solve your mothers’ murder? The bizarre death offered no clues as to who or why. Authorities soon let the case languish as unsolved. Lynn Mason faces flood, fire, and death threats and her emotional balance teeters on the edge as she searches for motive, means, and opportunity among residents in the historical gold mining mountain town.
A year before the tragic murder, Lynn and husband Don, moved to Elk Hills. The young couple differed from the frazzled business executives they encountered in Denver and they spent every penny they had to forsake the city and reach their goal of living as close to nature as possible. Needing a way to support themselves in the remote alpine setting, they built a unique restaurant, on the shores of Mineral Lake. Their high hopes for their first full season of business crashed the moment Lynn’s mother was found murdered. Disappointed when her husband turns his back on her quest for justice, Lynn runs for her life and into the arms of the only man willing to stake his life and career to hunt for the killer. Together, they will embark on a breathtaking chase where greed and gold fever raises danger and explosive passion is waiting. 

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Book Two in Series

MAGGIE of the


"Maggie of the Ute Tribe" is the second book in the story of Native American Deputy Sheriff Maggie Hernandez in rural Colorado. It is a mystery/police procedural- a mystery with solid character development.                                                                                    

We feel like we know Maggie. A brilliant young scholar explores long-held secret Native American lore involving plant-based remedies. In her research, she thinks she has uncovered therapies that can, she hopes, lead to the eventual ending of the scourge of several deadly conditions that plague all mankind.

Deputy Hernandez becomes involved when a pair of lovers find the corpse of the young scholar in an isolated spring deep in the mountains.

"Maggie" covers a good chunk of the West in her attempt to find and arrest the murderer. She encounters Ute, Apache, and other Native Americans and visits reservations across the inter-mountain West.

Author Sharon Langdale demonstrates a deep understanding and knowledge of contemporary Native Americans. Her invention of several vivid Native American characters shows her affection for and understanding of modern Native American society.

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A "romance" thriller that brought murder, deception, love and marriage gone wrong, criminal minds, drug cartel all coming together in the mountains of Colorado. The settings were vividly described so that I could see in my mind the scenery. Each time I thought I figured out who did what a twist was thrown into the story that made me sit back and try to reformulate who I thought did what. I held my breath to find out at the end of the book where Lynn's heart would take her. I would recommend this book!!!!


I had the good fortune to meet Sharon at a book fair in Payson AZ in July 2019. I bought her book and could not put it down. Her character descriptions were wonderful - you could see, feel and smell the scenery in Colorado. The twists she put into the book really added to the flavor of the read. Thank heavens this is not a horror story, but I'd put in a class of cozy mysteries. Great, fast read! Can't wait for her next book!

Andy McKinney

Payson Roundup Movie & Book Reviewer



Rim Country author Sharon Langdale penned a twisty mystery for us with a decidedly romantic twist. She sets her tale in the little Colorado town of Elk Hills, a beautiful little place snugged in tight well up into the Rockies. Elk Hills once formed the hub of a frantic gold mining area but the rush passed by a hundred years ago. Still some people have hopes. Gold fever never dies out entirely.

Lynn Mason and her husband Don make a tenuous living with a small restaurant and a lumber yard by Mineral Lake, a classic alpine lake reflecting the peaks all about. The endless succession of 18 hour days take their toll on the couples energy, patience and hope. Too tired to be in love, the couple grows distant.

Then Lynn's mom washes up, murdered in their quiet little town, a place where everyone knows every one else. Who could have done such a terrible thing? The victim did own several mining claims, but no gold had ever been found on them.........


We have a wealth of police stories set in places like New York or Los Angeles but very few in rural Colorado. That alone sets "Maggie of the Ute" apart.

I enjoyed the story as a reader, and as a resident of the inter-mountain West, I liked Langdale's visits to places I am very familiar with. She knows her geography and inhabits the real world with genuine characters. When a reader would like to sit down and have a cup'a and a jaw with a fictional character, the author has done her job. Mystery lovers, fans of the Rocky Mountain West, and people interested in contemporary Native Americans will all find reasons to read "Maggie of the Ute."


Langdale has the knack for a philosophical tum of phrase. She writes"...she watched each unique snowflake appear only for a moment              before it was gone." In this scene, Maggie Hernandez contemplates the brevity and fragility of human life. It makes the Deputy more human and wise.

 Langdale's descriptive writing is impressive.

 "The sun muscled its way through the inversion layer." The reader can almost feel the rising sun in this sentence. Langsdale is a wordsmith of exceptional quality.

Andy McKinney

Payson Roundup Movie & Book Reviewer

In The Press


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Sharon Langdale - Author

     Sharon Langdale graduated from the University of San Bernardino, Ca. She eventually moved to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado for seven years. She built a restaurant and resort on the shores of Lake San Cristobal at 9200 ft elevation.

     She now resides in northern Arizona, and she has found the proximity of ancient Native American sites inspiring and recently joined the Arizona Archeological Society. Sharon loves mystery stories, and her novels, “Vein of Justice” and “Maggie of the Ute Tribe” are rich with research that bring the characters alive as she weaves fiction and fact into stories that are exciting and tense. 




​"Vein of Justice" and "Maggie of the Ute Tribe" are now on sale at "Noley's Books Art & Whatnot" located in the LOCAL AUTHORS display. The new store is located at 130 E. Highway260, Payson, AZ 85541. Stop by and check out this fabulous new store next to "Urgent Care".


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